Stella & Juliana at 7-months

When twin girls Stella and Juliana arrived last October, I was beyond excited for mom Kristy and dad Dave.  If anyone should procreate, it’s those two. Dave is honestly one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and Kristy is one of my favorite people of all time.  She’s hilarious and doesn’t take herself too seriously – one of those friends who can say “honestly what the h*ll are you wearing??” and for whatever reason it makes you love her more. Check out her inspiring birth story which was featured on Hoboken Mommies last month.

All I could think about leading up to the shoot is how adorable Stella and Juliana would be with pearls and no clothes on and they did not disappoint! Kristy showed up with these amazing frilly tutus that just made the whole look perfection.  Juliana would always flash her huge innocent eyes at me while Stella would give me the perfect smirk.  And at 7-months they both have these delicious baby rolls that you just want to squeeze non-stop. Can’t wait for Part 2 of the girls’ shoot at the shore next month!

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