Gia at 6-weeks | Jersey City NJ Baby Photographer

There is something so amazing about this little window of time when a baby is coming out of the newborn phase and starting to notice the world around them.  Gia (love this name!) came in a 6-weeks old and was just so beautiful and wide-eyed at every movement and sound.  I can’t get enough of her baby rolls!

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Ivy Turns 1 | Jersey City NJ Baby Photographer

I loved photographing Ivy in her light-filled home in Paulus Hook and then down by the waterfront.  I cannot get enough of her big blue eyes!  A big thank you to MilkSugarLove for one of her incredible buttercream rose cakes in pink.  Love! Happy 1st birthday Ivy!

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Makaio | Jersey City NJ Baby Photographer

There was so much cuteness happening in this shoot between adorable Makaio just turning 1 and his french bull dog Pi, who, let’s face it, is pretty much a professional model. Both of them are so loved by their mom and dad and if that wasn’t enough, they also had this amazing is the ‘MAKAIO’ banner a family friend hand-made for him from strips of fabric. Love!

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Twins Peter & Michael | Jersey City NJ Baby Photographer

I was lucky enough to have twins Peter & Michael in the studio on their actual 1st birthday! Peter has these rich brown eyes and was full of hilarious expressions and Michael has these amazing blue/green eyes and this sweet thoughtfulness about him.   Individually they could be little baby models, but the two of them together was just over-the-top cuteness.