Liv & Maya – Sibling Shoot

Now that Summer is nearly upon us, it has been so fun to take advantage of the nice weather and do more shoots outdoors.  For Olivia (5) and Maya’s (1) shoot, I couldn’t wait to head back to Morris Canal since not only is the Manhattan skyline gorgeous, but the kids have so much fun playing in the grass there, not to mention climbing trees.  Mom, Liz, is a great friend and incredible artist – painting, graphic design, writing, you name it – and it has definitely been passed down to Olivia. I know this because she’s in the same Pre-K class as my oldest, and she has all these paintings that look like Picasso’s.  And not in the same way I would say my kid’s paintings look like Picasso’s (because aren’t our own kids always complete geniuses??), but I mean she literally has this amazing grasp of color for her age.

In any case, it was the perfect morning to capture the girls playing in the park who were too cute in their matching dresses.  Looking forward to more fun outdoors this Summer!

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