Michael at 2-months old

Do you ever get that feeling, after you’ve had a rough day with your baby, and a mom with 3+ kids walks by and has it all together? You know what I mean, like you should just keep your mouth shut about how hard you’ve had it.  Well it was no different seeing mom Angela in action with 2-month old baby Michael.  She came by for baby portraits in between dropping off her oldest daughter at school and her second daughter at ballet class, all while orchestrating nap and feeding times for the baby.  She also runs the Resurrection playgroup in Jersey City, which starts up again in the Fall. (Okay, I’m sure I won’t shut up any time soon about my Luke being an early waker, but still, at least I’ve been adequately shamed.)

Michael is just the sweetest cute little baby and just laid contently while I took his pictures. The only thing he was adamant about was not wanting to be in any sort of basket. The baby knows what he wants! Instead we had fun with cozy blankets, wooden letter blocks and this sweet knit hat from Smith & Chang. So adorable!

With sister Maddie. So sweet!

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  1. Oh, Ingrid – these are precious! Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. Michael’s pictures are precious as can be and I must agree Angela is an awesome mom…she makes parenting seem so easy. Elyssa, Maddy and Michael are very fortunate to have a mom like Angela. =)

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