Fraternal Twins Kaitlyn & Sofia at 1-week old

The best part of photographing my twin nieces… #1 They have ridiculously good genes. 🙂  And, #2 I got to hang out and shoot them for over two hours! They are only a week old and already have distinct little personalities.  Kaitlyn is so sweet and a born supermodel – always knows where the good light is and I swear would always pose towards it dramatically with her hand by her face.  Sofia is gorgeous and was so easygoing and sleepy as we moved her around.  She is such a thinker too, like she’s solving the world’s debt crisis. Cannot wait to watch these girls grow up and spoil them like crazy!


Kaitlyn trying to get into the good light while her sister snoozes.

Like a true supermodel, Kaitlyn demanded a triple grande soy latte mid-shoot.

Yep, that did the trick.

Sister love.



Happy dad. 🙂

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