Viviénne & Landon

It’s my BFF Estelle’s birthday today!  (For the record, yes you can still use the term ‘BFF’ well into adulthood if you’ve been doing it since you were a nerdy 6th grader — we’ve known each other that long!)  We don’t get to see nearly enough of each other, but while I was in Seattle I finally got to meet her beautiful baby girl Viviénne (3 months) & see my little man Landon (6 years).  Estelle is a makeup artist and model, so NATURALLY we had to have a full-on two-day photo shoot for the kids!  Here are some of my favorites.  Viviénne is so beautiful and I love how she has her mommy’s lips.

Happy Birthday Estelle!!!  Love you!  xo

Hanging out with dad…

Landon loves his baby sister so much – it’s so cute!

I remember when this little guy was Viviénne’s size. Growing up so fast!

Viv in the little pink bunny towel I got her for her ‘birth’ day and her great grandmother’s gold baby bracelet.

Love this mommy/daughter pic of Estelle holding Viviénne.  Pink apron + cute baby girl + brand new kitchen = too much fun.

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