Sam Turns 3 | Jersey City NJ Children Photographer

Norah visited out studio to celebrate her 1st birthday with a photo shoot without her big brother Sam, so I couldn’t wait to meet him by the time his 3rd birthday rolled around a few months later.  I love how a 3 year old’s  personality comes out and how crazy cute their voices are when they stringing little sentences together.  And this is the age when boys start going from adorable to handsome!

…okay nevermind, Sam is still friggin’ adorable.

Mischa + Max | Jersey City NJ Children Photographer

All our holidays orders are just about packaged and delivered and now it’s time to start celebrating an amazing year!  I’m excited to take the next few weeks to share my favorite shoots that I haven’t had a chance to post in the last couple months.

For example…Mischa (7) and Max (3)!  Between the amazing wardrobe courtesy of mom Cara, the crisp air and piles of fall leaves in Hamilton Park, every shot was a favorite!  Love these gorgeous kids!!