Three Brothers, Three Generations | Jersey City NJ Children Photographer

We had a full house when brother Andres (5), Alejandro (3) & baby Nicolas (2 months) came in with mom & dad and three of their grandparents!  Andres & Alejandro were full of beans between playing spaceships, eating cupcakes and chasing bubbles while Nicolas looked on with amusement. To have a studio so full of life and three generations together is just too sweet.  And you can tell these boys are going to have so much fun growing up together with such a great big family!  Love it.

The Martin/Altman Cousins

When my friend Carrie asked me to take pics of her boys and their two boy cousins, all under the age of 6, I knew all kinds of fun would be in store. To get four little boys posed together for a family shot with their grandparents – no problem! :)  We met at Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue, Washington which is full of amazing spots to get pics, not to mention farm animals, grassy fields and playgrounds.  The kids were so adorable…and such boys!

Carrie and her family are very involved with the JRDF Walk to Cure Diabetes which raised over $85 million last year towards Type 1 Diabetes research.  If you are in Seattle, you’re sure to see them at the JRDF ‘Beat the Bridge’ event every year. The University Bridge is raised during the race and the goal is to beat the raising of the bridge.  (Btw, if you don’t beat the bridge, there is a band and prizes for those who get “caught”.  After a few minutes, the bridge goes back down, and everyone gets to finish. Whew!)  Thanks for all you do Carrie – and for such a fun photo shoot with your family!

Carrie and her youngest.  Too cute.

Carrie’s sis-in-law Berit and her adorable baby boy!

Hannah at 1-year

Who knew I’d be so lucky to be taking family pics on two coasts this summer? I met my very good friends Molly and Charles at Seward Park in my hometown of Seattle to celebrate their little girl Hannah’s 1st birthday with portraits.  I’ve known Charles since childhood and I met Molly after college when I was starting out in television at the same time she was starting out in radio. It’s such a small world that they met completely separately, and to my complete glee got married and had a baby! To say Hannah is totally adorable is a bit of an understatement. She has these giant brown eyes and a huge smile that lights up her whole face.  I can’t wait to watch her grow! Happy 1st birthday Hannah Banana!




PS – here’s a view of Mount Rainier from the park which looked so amazing as we were wrapping up our shoot, Charles requested I take a few pictures of it.  Seattle is truly a beautiful city!