Kaitlyn & Sofia at 6-months

My twin nieces Kaitlyn & Sofia turn 6 months today!  To commemorate, we had a little photo shoot which included the girls in their ridiculously adorable Halloween costumes – Sofia as a polar bear and Kaitlyn and a koala. OMG. Between those, their berets, pea coats, and frilly pink dresses, we were all overloading on cuteness.

You should know, my brother has them on strict Tiger Dad training. So far tiger training has included tiger napping, tiger teething, and tiger college planning.  I’m hoping the girls will be doing our tax returns by their 1st birthday.

Happy 6 month bday girls! xo, auntie ing

The Many Faces of Baby June

Who would have guessed three months ago that sweet quiet baby June would now be so full of spunk?  Her photo shoot was a dream because she gave me about a million different ‘looks’.  This girl has a leg up on Zoolander himself. Just check out her ‘Blue Steel’ and other fantastic expressions.

I can’t wait to see the girl that June grows up to be!