18 yr-old Collie/Shepherd “Dutch”

Dutch brings new meaning to “senior portrait”.  At 18 years old, he is a whopping 88 dog years old! (At least according my Google search just now.) He’s still got it though, gray beard and all.

Btw, I was tempted to file this under ‘baby’ since we all know dogs are basically our kids. That is until you actually have kids, at which point they are temporarily relegated to just ‘dog’ before being reinstated to baby again.

Dutch having a laugh with his pal, Rubber Chicken.


…which was exhausting.

Why let babies get all the cute feet pictures? Love the old man hair growing between Dutch’s toes.

Baby Lily’s Debut

I could not wait to shoot baby Lily and was so happy to finally get the chance!  Lily was so sweet and sleepy when I showed up. It turns out she just needed to relieve herself, which she did right on the baby blanket – she was awake after that! Good thing we thought to put a waterproof pad down before we got started. 🙂 After some cooing and canoodling she started having fun and gave me all sorts of delicious giggles.  Love those cheeks! xo, ing


Olivia Turns 4!

I felt nothing less than honored to photograph Miss Olivia on her 4th birthday! I’ve known Olivia and her family since before she was even born and wow how time flies.  What a beautiful little girl Olivia has grown up to be!  She made sure to showcase her princess accessories proudly which included new clip-on earring, tiara, heels and the whole bit.  I’ve got to say, looking at these pictures I wonder if we have a little fashion model on our hands??  Happy birthday Olivia!  xo, ing