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I’ve done it.  I have taken a whole year off the blog and am finally back.  I know I’ve mentioned this in an earlier post, but I’m fully obsessed with age 4, so seeing as how my little guy turned 4 last year, all kinds of excessive smothering mothering time was in order.  Sorry blog (and treadmill), I still love you.

So grateful for our returning clients who have become like family over the years and for all our new clients who found our little corner of the world. I wish I had room on this post for all the beautiful babies that grace our studio, but here are a few that have grown up with us over the last year.

Then & Now

Beckett {belly-to-baby}
Beckett (belly-to-baby)
Maddy {6 mo, 1 yr, 18 mo w/newborn Cece, 2 yr w/Cece at 6 mo}
Maddy (6 mo, 17 mo, 1.5 & 2) & Cece (newborn, then 6 mo)
Kamryn & Jake {then newborn, now 2}
Kamryn & Jake (newborn, then 2)
Celine (newborn & 5 mos)
Celine (newborn & 5 mos)
Moxie (puppy, then 1 yr with baby brother Oliver)
Moxie (newborn, then 1 yr w/brother Oliver)
Charlotte (at 1 yr, 2 yrs and 3 yrs) & baby Gemma (newborn & 1 yr)
Charlotte (1, 2 then 3) & Gemma (newborn, then 1)
Maddox {newborn, then at 1 yr still sleeping with his arms overhead!}
Maddox (newborn, then 1 yr)  Still sleeping with his arms up…too adorable.
Chloe {at 3 yrs, then 4 yrs} & Olive {at 8 mos, then 1 yr}
Chloe & Olive (at 3 & 8m, then 4 & 1)
Miles & Lucie
Miles & Lucie (2 &5, then 3 & 6)
Mischa & Max (7 & 3, then 8 & 4)
Mischa & Max (7 & 3, then 8 & 4)
Ethan (newborn, 1, then 2)
Emily (6 mo, then 2 yrs w/a sister on the way)
Peyton (belly-to-baby, then 18 mo) & baby sister Parker (newborn)
Peyton (belly-to-baby, then 18 mo) & baby sister Parker (newborn)
Alex (1, 2 then 3)
Etta & Archie (3 & 7mo, then 4 & 1)
Etta & Archie (3 & 7mo, then 4 & 1)
Robert (7 mo then 1 yr)
Robert (7 mo then 1 yr)
Leah (4) & Sage (belly-to-baby, then 5 mo)
Sage (belly-to-baby, then 5 mo) & Leah (4)
Sophie (1 then 3) & baby brother Griffin (at 7 mo)
Sophie (1 then 3) & baby brother Griffin (at 7 mo)
Emma (belly-to-baby)
Emma (belly-to-baby)

In other news…

Welcome Laura Samuelsen

20150312-IMG_0760Laura joined our studio in the fall of last year and now we can’t live without her!  She is also one of my besties from when we were first-time moms (that crew of friends from right after you have your first baby…you’re all a hot mess but still love each other anyway).  Anyway, here we are 8 years and 5 kids later, still bff’s, neighbors and now working together.  She’s seen me evolve into the photographer I am today, her three gorgeous girls often my little models.

A Place To Call Home

We are so happy to announce we get to stay in our studio! After years of thinking we would need to move next door, we found out our current studio is officially ours to call home.  Whew!  I’ve so come to love our salvage wood floors, the huge bright windows, exposed ceilings and the fact that all the neighborhood kids know right where to find us.  How could we move now??  Very excited for what’s in store now that we’re in our permanent home.

As Featured In

Finally, a big thank you to all of the lovely clients and publications who have featured us and our work, including PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Magazine, MINI Magazine, White & Warren Baby,, Playtime NY,, Silverman Buildings, Sawyer Smith Brokerage, Stevens Cooperative School, Uh-Oh! Babies, Sunrise Girl, York Street Project and more. We are so so grateful for all the opportunities that have come our way.

Until next time!


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