isabelle + alexander | jersey city nj newborn photographer

Meet Isabelle (22-months) and her brand new baby brother Alexander (1-month)! I love photographing newborns and children and it’s even more fun when I get to do both at the same time. Alexander is such a sweet beautiful baby and wasn’t bothered in the least that Isabelle was having her own little party rocking out to Taylor Swift (her fave, naturally) and dancing in front of the mirror. 🙂  Thank you P family for such a fun session!!

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Ethan & Hudson | Jersey City NJ Newborn Photographer

Ethan at 1-month and his gorgeous family!  Ethan’s shoot was extra fun because he brought his dog Hudson. I should rephrase actually – after mom Kelly told me about Hudson and I google’d his breed “spinone”, I got so excited and insisted they bring him! Baby Ethan is so adorable and it was so cute watching Hudson be all protective over his growing family.  So sweet!

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