Hayley & Charlotte – Sister Session

I met Hayley and Charlotte’s mom Gina through a good friend, and was so excited to learn about her new venture, Fun On The Run Bags based out of Hoboken. Gina rents out travel bags for kids that are stuffed with fun toys and games, which is such a great idea.  We are always traveling with our boys and end up spending so much money on new toys, cards and games for every trip in a desperate attempt to keep them occupied for 6+ hour flights and car rides. Anyway, fast forward and here I am taking Gina’s girls’ portraits.

Gina wanted to have the girls in their play clothes having fun so that we could capture their personalities in the way she enjoys them every day. And they are so sweet!  Hayley (turning 5 in a few weeks) reminded me of Hollywood glamour with her striking brown eyes and cheek bones, and Charlotte (2.5 years) has these huge blue eyes that are just amazing! To add some pops of color I had some flowers and paper lanterns on hand which they loved playing with. Such a fun shoot!

Evelyn & Olivia – Sister Session

Evelyn (5) and Olivia’s (3) session this week was all about being girly, which (because of the fact that I am surrounded by nothing but boys in my house all day, every day) was so ridiculously fun for me to shoot.  It was also the perfect opportunity to break out my deep red backdrop which looked so amazing with the girls in their adorable dresses and hair bows.  I made their initials out of printed floral patterns and even broke out a fan to put a little wind in their hair.  Ahh, so much girly fun. Love it!

Baby Thor & His Boston Terriers

I don’t know what gets better than a baby with his dogs! Cuteness. Overload. Here baby Thor (6-months) shows off his Boston Terriers, Franklin (9 years, the wise one) & Drake (the hyper brother who is possibly 100…or a vampire, as his mom says, since apparently it was out of nowhere that he showed up on an empty road five years ago when they took him home, and he has not slowed down or aged one bit).   We love their parents Abigail & Erik who just spent a 6-month stint in Jersey City in a little palace overlooking the Statue of Liberty.  We’re hoping they and their boys find their way back to us again.  For now, we’ll have to stare longingly at these pictures. *sigh*

Drake (left) and Franklin (right)

Franklin’s most adorable trait, “clamping” – aka. biting down and clasping his blankie.

Baby Thor at 6-months

Oh what’s that you say? You want a treat? This delicious treat? This treat right here going into my mouth?

All the boys.

Franklin definitely deserves a comment bubble on the series below…

You know it’s love when your dog is terrorized by the new mini-human in the house…

…but still stands guard for him just the same.